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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Summer Term: English Unit - Explanations 19/5/20

Summer Term Explanations - The Heart and the Circulatory System, Lesson 2 on 19/5/20

Instructions for Lesson 2 on 19/5/20

Reading:  Fluency Speed Test

* You will need a copy of the WAGOLL 'The Heart and the Circulatory System';

* You will also need a timer/clock with a second hand;

Let's see how fluent you are with the WAGOLL text. This grid has been devised so you can record the number of words you read over a period of 1 minute. You will have THREE goes; each time, start at the beginning of the text - read for a minute - count the number of words you have read - record it on a table like the one below:

Rough guide to fluency levels at this point in the unit:

- Next, find an average by adding up the three numbers on your table and dividing it by 3. This will give you an average words per minute (WPM).

           Miss B: average number of words per minute (WPM):  215 words

           Year 6 expected pupil: average number of words per minute (WPM): 150 words+

Let me know your WPM

Writing/Reading: Reading Comprehension - WAGOLL Text Questions

* Have a copy of the WAGOLL text (on screen, on another device, on paper - whatever you can do);

* Open the attachment called 'Comprehension WAGOLL text purpose and organisation';

* Have a go at answering the questions about the text, 'The Heart and the Circulatory System';

* Answers - Open the attachment called 'Answers Comprehension 19th May Heart Text'.