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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Summer Term: English Unit - Explanations 14/5/20

Summer Term: Explanations - The Heart and the Circulatory System, Lesson 4 on 14/5/20

Instructions for Lesson 4, 14/5/20

Vocabulary warm up: Have another look through the key vocabulary. You might want PAUSE the video after each key word and make notes.



Reading: Fluency and starting to replace key vocabulary with synonyms

* Open the WAGOLL text (attachment called 'WAGOLL text The Heart and Circulatory System';

* Read each paragraph out loud and TRY to replace each key word (in red) with a possible synonym.

Writing: Synonyms

You will need a copy of the WAGOLL text 'The Heart and the Circulatory System' (on screen copy or a paper copy). The focus is on the red key vocabulary:

   1. Make a list of all 13 key words in the WAGOLL;

   2. Find at least TWO synonyms for each key word;

   3. Check that your synonyms fit in with the text - make sure they fit with the context.

How did you get on?

Send copies of today's work to Banyan's email address so I can post your work on this page