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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Summer Term: English Unit - Explanations 12/5/20

Summer Term: Explanation Unit - The Heart and the Circulatory System Lesson 2 on 12/5/20

Instructions for Lesson 2: The Heart and the Circulatory System - 12/5/20

Reading: Expression and Fluency

* Open the attachment called 'WAGOLL text The Heart and Circulatory System';

* Practise reading each paragraph out loud focusing on being able to read the key vocabulary in red.

Writing: How to draw a human heart - instructions

* Open the attachment called 'Instructions how to draw the human heart';

* Get your work from Monday 11th May's afternoon art lesson. Here's my example:

* On the right hand side of your drawing, follow the instructions and have a go at drawing a human heart carefully following each step.

* Compare: How does your drawing of the human heart from yesterday compare to the drawing following the instructions from today's work? Can you give me three similarities and three differences?

Do send in your photographs of both drawings of the human heart. I can't wait to receive them.