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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Creative Writing - May 2020: The Dementor's Kiss

Banyan's Brilliant Breath-Taking Creative Writing: The Dementor's Kiss inspired by the Forbidden Forest in The Prisoner of Azkaban by J K Rowling.

Mr Brown and I are so proud of you all, Banyanas!

Because of your excellent quality home-learning, you have been able to produce brilliant, breath-taking creative pieces of writing for the end of your three week unit. 

Please spread the word to make sure the whole world reads/listens to our compositions.

Audio recordings of writing to follow - WATCH THIS SPACE (while I find out how to upload them!)

Thank you everyone!

Miss B / Mr B

SCROLL DOWN to read Banyan's brilliant creations...

The Dementor’s Kiss crafted by A          (Watch out for the sinister ending disguised as a nice cuppa)

And then, through the fog that was drowning him, he thought he saw a silvery light, growing brighter and brighter...”

Harry woke with a start. The screaming gone, he opened his eyes. He had to shield them from the blinding barrage of silvery light that danced around the ornate room. Where was he? Was Sirius alright? As thousands of questions zipped around his head, he became more and more concerned. He considered his vast, surroundings. He was in a cavernous room, bathed in a bright glow. There was nothing- just him, all alone with no one else.

Taking tentative steps to what appeared to be a faint outline, he realised it was no outline, but a person. It was a women, with glossy, silken brown hair and a familiar face. She was wearing a flowing white dress, and sporting a pair of white gloves.

Harry knew he had seen her before, but not when or where. Her eyes welled up with tears as she said,

“Hello, Harry.”

It was if he had been hit with a jet of icy cold water. At once,he knew this was his mother; he felt happiness as he had never felt it before. After all these years of dreaming, his wish had finally come true.

“Hi, Mum” he croaked weakly. Tears flooded his eyes, as he realised how unbreakable the bond between mother and son really was. He was then wrapped in the most tender of embraces, and he knew what it was to be truly loved.

She let go of him and sat down next to him.

“I never got to know you, Mum,” he sniffed, “Voldemort took that away from me.”

“Harry, dear, I want you to promise to me that you will never, ever give up.” She told him as she looked into his eyes.

“I won’t, Mum. I love you.” He said, tears rolling down his face.

“I know you won’t my darling “She said as she stroked his cheek and his vision swam.

“Mum! .....MUM!” He called out desperately, but it was too late.

With tears still rolling down his face, Harry was back in the forbidden forest, but now with a new spark of determination. Dementors were everywhere, sucking the life out of him and Sirius (who was lying in the ground, barely alive). He could feel their rattling breath beating on his face. With all his might, Harry bellowed the words:


At once, a white stag erupted from his wand. Then, it let out a huge pulse of bright energy; forcing all the Dementors off into the night.

Harry was exhausted. He knew he couldn’t possibly carry Sirius and Hermione back to Hogwarts, when a large, hulking figure appeared in the shadows. Harry smiled. He knew exactly who it was. Hagrid- the Hogwarts game keeper- stepped out from under a large tree.

“Need a hand, ‘arry?” asked the half-giant.

“You’ll be wantin’ to take this to Dumbledore, ‘arry.” Hagrid remarked, as they walked through the Forbidden Forest. With no effort, he had lifted the unconscious forms of Sirius and Hermione onto Buckbeak’s back.

“Thanks again for the help, Hagrid,” said Harry- now feeling much safer, “I don’t know what I would have done without you.” On Buckbeak’s back, Hermione stirred.

“Harry! What on earth happened? Why am I on Buckbeak?” She spluttered.

“We’ll answer all your questions when we get to Dumbledore, Hermione.” He gently reassured her.

After a few minutes, they arrived at Hogwarts. From where he was standing, Harry could admire the beauty of the imposing building. Four, tall towers snaked their way up the school, resulting in a pointed spire. This was the only place that Harry could call ‘home’. Walking forward, they heaved open the heavy, wooden door leading inside the castle.

“I’m afraid this is where we must part, ‘arry.” Explained Hagrid, “We must go our separate ways.” Harry bade him a fond farewell as Hagrid lumbered off into the night. Harry continued on his way to Dumbledore’s office; his heart still racing after his encounter with his Mum. At long last, the trio and Buckbeak reached their destination. Blocking their path was a large, stone griffin.

“How are we supposed to get to Dumbledore now?” questioned Hermione.

“That won’t be a problem, Miss Granger.” answered Professor McGonagall, who seemed to have appeared from nowhere. She waved her wand and uttered the words: ‘sherbet lemon’. Almost as soon as she had spoken, the griffin sprung into life and flew off- resting on a nearby perch- revealing a spiralling staircase.

Quickly, the group hurried their way to Dumbledore’s office; Harry and McGonagall supporting a recovering Sirius and Hermione, whilst Buckbeak stayed behind loyally. Even without them knocking, the door to the office swung open; revealing Dumbledore sitting at his desk. He looked up from his papers.

“Welcome, all.” He said, his eyes sparkling as he peered over his half moon spectacles, “Please, sit down.” Harry explained to Dumbledore all that had ensued in the last few hours. Dumbledore ordered that Hermione be examined by Madam Pomfrey, the school nurse, and that Sirius remain in his office. He instructed Professor McGonagall to take all students to the Great Hall, as a Dementor attack was imminent- they would be safer there.

“Certainly, Professor Dumbledore - but what fears do you have? Hogwarts has never before been breached- not even in the time of Grindelwald.” queried McGonagall.

“Dementors are foul creatures; they will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. Which, in this case, is to destroy Black.” He replied, clearly having won the argument.

As ordered, all the pupils were escorted into the Great Hall, as a nervous hubbub broke out between them. Harry, happy to be regrouped with Ron and Hermione, filled Ron in.

“How the bloody hell did you fight off all those Dementors? asked a bewildered Ron, evidently impressed by his friend’s achievement.

Harry smiled grimly, “Let’s not celebrate too early - they will be back. Plus, I can’t make another patronus that powerful, I might faint.” Harry looked worried. With all the other pupils, the golden trio entered the great hall- chatting like the other students. When they were settled, the teachers silenced them; the only thing left to do was wait. Suddenly, they heard glass smashing - a damp, slimy hand punched through the window next to Harry. Someone let out a shrill scream. The Dementors had arrived...

Harry tried to run but the Dementors were trapping him, encircling him. His lungs filled with icy air as his breathing became heavy. The familiar screaming once more engulfed his thoughts. Professor McGonagall blasted her patronus, a cat. The Dementors turned their wrath on her. Fearful, Harry signalled to Professor Flitwick- the charms teacher- to help McGonagall but he was busy protecting a group of Ravenclaws. McGonagall was fighting a losing battle.

Around the Great Hall, shouts of ‘Expecto Patronum’ could be heard, reverberating off the walls. Suddenly, the shouting stopped, as McGonagall was lifted up, to meet a Dementor’s grey and scabbed face. Harry couldn’t take it. The fact that she might die trying to save him would dominate his thoughts forever. That would haunt his every moment, and would add to the weight of sorrow that seemed to be crushing him. He had to do something. He pulled out his wand; his hands were shaking and his lip was quivering, but he was determined. Harry pictured his mother’s warm, loving face in his mind. He closed his eyes. He could do this. He would do this.

“EXPECTO PATRONUM” roared Harry, pointing his wand at the Dementor attacking McGonagall. At once, a flash of bright light cascaded out of his wand. The Dementors dived out of the way of the light, and towards Harry. He saved McGonagall by sacrificing himself- like she had done for him. He felt his body freeze and ice penetrate his bones. He saw a black mass close in on him and could hear nothing but screaming and a terrible, rattling breath, growing louder and louder.

Harry slowly opened his eyes for what he thought would be the last time. A heavenly, white glow burst from the back of the room. Through the strange mist, he could see the ethereal form of a Phoenix circling the room. It was breathtaking; the way it weaved and spun; replacing all of Harry’s thoughts of doubt and hate with warmth and happiness. The Phoenix eventually came to rest on the arm of a man, bathed in the same hazy light as him. The scene swum before his eyes and Harry fainted.

Harry awoke, lying on a couch in small, cosy room, which he recognised to be Dumbledore’s office. Dumbledore was seated in a huge, comfy armchair beside a crackling, log fire; spilling embers onto a brown tartan rug. A red Phoenix snoozed on a perch next to him, and a cup of tea steamed on a small, occasional table.

“Ah Harry, you’re awake. How are you feeling?” said Dumbledore, his blue eyes twinkling behind his glasses.

“My head hurts.” he replied, “But that’s not important. Where is everyone? What happened?”

“Well, in answer to your first question, they are all recovering in the hospital wing; Madam Pomfrey is providing her usual excellent care” said Dumbledore.

“What about Sirius?” asked Harry.

“Gone to safety, without a trace. Please don’t worry about Sirius - he has battled Dementors before and knows how to keep safe.” he paused briefly, “Harry, is something troubling you?”

“No, sir,” he said, “It’s just when I was being attacked by the Dementors, I think I met my mother.

“Ah, I suspected as much, your mother loves you very much Harry, there is no doubt of that. She gave her life to save you remember?”

“So what happened to the Dementors?” continued Harry.

“My Patronus persuaded the Dementors to cease their attack on my school.” responded Dumbledore.

“You make it sound so simple,” observed Harry. Dumbledore smiled, “ It’s never simple Harry, but we do our best to fight for what is right. Now, onto more important matters, shall we have some tea?”

Harry nodded and they laughed together. He knew that whatever happened in the years to come, he would always have Dumbledore on his side.


A's Wonderful Time-Hopping Harry

Harry was lost, very lost. He was in a massive, ancient forest with equally as ancient ruins that are scattered all across the forest wherever he looked. He didn't know where to go or even where he is, he faintly remembers what he was doing before this, he was just learning about Dementors and other mystical creatures with Hermione and Ron as part of their group assignment, when a blinding light filled the room and suddenly he was transported in a space shaped like a circle and surrounded by trees as high as the skies, in this forest.

Harry had been walking for a long time, through terrains that looked identical wherever he walked. But he discovered another circle-shaped space also surrounded by huge, tall trees. He wandered through that space when again a blinding light came radiating from the middle of the circle, but he wasn't the one that was transported, instead, someone else was. He only could see its silhouette at first, but he was certain it was a human, roughly the same height as him.

"Who are you?" asked Harry, of course, it was quite a surprise when the voice that replied to him was the same, almost like a replying echo. He said confidently,

"Harry Potter." As Harry's vision became clearer, he realised that the voice that didn't lie, was himself.

But before he could react, he heard a whistle-like noise, not the pleasant kind, but a harsh and menacing kind. He saw shadows gliding swiftly through tree after tree.

"Dementors! Run!" his future self said, alarmingly. With no other choice, he followed his future self through the thick forest and mist, through routes unknown leading to overgrown temple ruins. When they reached the ruins, the flute-like sound and the shadows were gone.

"Where are we? Why are you here? Nothing here makes sense!" said a frustrated Harry.

"Calm down. You'll find your answers inside this temple where a powerful wizard once tried to get rid of the Dementors in this forest, but only managed to make a magical force field around the temple so that Dementors can't get in," explained Harry's future self.

And so they ventured into the magical temple and see transcripts of powerful spells on the walls, until they reached the centre of the temple, that had a beam of light shooting from the centre and outwards, forming the magical force field.

"That is what will get us home - this is a portal quite like the one that transported us here, but it malfunctioned a few days ago. That's why we were suddenly transported here," Harry's future self-explained.

Harry, still confused and annoyed asked, "But, why me? Why not other people out there?"

Harry's future self calmly replied,

"This portal is magic sensitive, if it malfunctioned it will always transport high power wizards, we are the chosen one, Harry. We have so much power in our hands. But if we want to go home, we have to lower the force field first and fix the portal."

Slightly alarmed, Harry said,

"Doesn't that mean the Dementors will come in?"

Still calm, Harry's future self-replied,

"That's where I come in, you fix the portal and I will hold off the Dementors as best as I can."

 "Got it!" Harry said in agreement.

As the last flickers of the force field ceased to exist, as if on cue, hundreds of Dementors came out of hiding. The flute-like sound started to screech through the forest; gliding shadows started to emerge everywhere and the smell of sickening rotten flesh filled the area. Harry's future self was already outside casting Patronum after Patronum. He started to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of the Dementors.

"I won't give up now!" Future Harry said to himself. Harry started to work. He read the spells necessary to fix the portal, flipping through pages and pages and reading them as fast as he could. He found it! It was Lacus Incantamentum! But as he was about to say the spell, hundreds of the Dementors, that were fighting with his future self, now targeted him! Harry was surrounded. He could hear their rattling breaths all over him, He couldn't talk or move; he was stunned just by their mere presence. The nearest Dementor lowered its hood. Harry knew what would happen as he had read about it in his book - he was going to receive a Dementor's Kiss. His soul was going to be sucked out from him and he would be an empty shell of a human. But before that happened, Future Harry rushed in and cast his most powerful patronum yet, "Expecto Patronum!"

A flash of pale light filled the room and disintegrated every Dementor in the vicinity. The Dementors were gone, they were safe

Now that the Dementors were gone, Harry quickly conjured the spell,

"Lacus Incntamentum!"

The flickers of light come out of the centre and shot upward creating a more powerful force field that spanned through the entire forest and killed every Dementor in it.

"It's finally over!" remarked Harry in relief.

"Now let's go home," future Harry said as they stepped into the magical portal. This time, they were transported in a stream of white light like a river. At the beginning, they were on the same stream but the stream split, splitting Harry and his future into different directions. As Harry reached the end of the stream, a blinding light filled his vision again. He was back in a circle-shaped space but now there was someone in front of him asking,

"Who are you?" He realised the figure was himself. He replied confidently,

"Harry Potter."

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