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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Summer Term: English Unit - 4/5/20 Planning

Summer Term: English Unit - Narrative Planning 4/5/20 - Your version of 'The Dementor's Kiss'

Instructions for 4/5/20

Advice before you start today's lesson: You may want to familiarise yourself with the main events of 'The Dementor's Kiss' by:

* Re-reading the WAGOLL;

* Watching the video clip from Tuesday 28/4/20's English blog entry again  AND watch 'The Dementor's Kiss' vocabulary clip on Year 5/6 Highfields YouTube page (this is new);

* Reading your storyboard work from 28/4/20 (or look at the examples from Banyan that I have published on the English blog entries on 28/4).


Now you are ready to start planning.

Written task: You are going to plan your version of 'The Dementor's Kiss'.

By 'your version', this can mean a complete rewrite of what actually happens in the text OR you can change some events BUT try to keep the characters the same.

Open the attachment at the bottom of the page and use the grid to help you to organise your ideas. You must include all the key vocabulary.

Here is an example of a plan produced today by K in Banyan Class.

Well done!


And here is an example of A's detailed plan for the next chapter in The Dementor's Kiss

Amazing A!

Dementor’s kiss follow-up plan



  • Screaming stops and vision clears
  • Wakes in a blindingly white room with no furniture
  • Walks about the place and sees a women with a familiar face
  • Harry realizes she is his mother
  • They share an emotional moment
  • Harry says he is sorry he can’t do this
  • She encourages him to fight on and not give in to the Dementors
  • Harry thanks her as every thing goes blurry and the screaming starts again
  • He is back in forbidden forest but with a new spark of determination
  • He summons the most powerful patronus he can
  • Drives the Dementors off and takes Hermione and Sirius to Hogwarts


  • Takes Sirius and Hermione to Dumbledoor’s office to get help
  • Sadly, Harry doesn’t know the password
  • Happily, Professor McGonagall shows up and says ‘sherbet lemon’
  • Door opens and they enter Dumbledoor’s office
  • He seems concerned about Sirius and tells McGonagall to take all students to great hall
  • Hermione regains consciousness and recovers with the aid of chocolate
  • Everyone goes to the great hall except Sirius and Dumbledoor
  • Dementors fly into Hogwarts and break through windows


  • Teachers try to stop them but fail as more come
  • All students run off in different directions
  • Harry, now together with Ron and Hermione, takes out his wand
  • Dementors are too much for him yet again
  • McGonagall defends him but is taken out
  • As if by magic, Dumbledoor comes and blasts his patronus
  • All the Dementors fly away
  • Sirius thanks Dumbledoor and tells Harry that he will keep in touch

Vocabulary I could use