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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Summer Term: English Unit - Lesson 5 on 1/5/20

English Lesson 5 on 1/5/20 - Independent Writing following on from the extract in 'The Dementor's Kiss'

Quick key vocabulary warm up:

Click on the video clip and SAY it, SPELL it, SYNONYM it (!). Sorry about the shaky camera work!

Have a look




Written activity: Independent Writing

* Read the extract below:

* Writing task: Today, I want you to just write! What COULD happen next to each of these characters -

- Harry Potter?

- Hermione?

- Sirius Black?

- the Dementors?

You must include the key vocabulary: gliding / surrounding / encircling / wisp  / rattling / gaping / shapeless


Aim for anything between 100-200 words (or more if you like).

Please send in photos of your 'What happens next...' independent writing.