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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Summer Term: Maths Unit - Lesson 4 on 30/4/20

Summer Term: Maths Unit - Lesson 4 on 30/4/20 - Problem Solving

Instructions for Maths Lesson 4

Warm up: Times Tables Rock Stars

Optional Catch-up Maths Lesson 4 - Introducing Angles

As you know, we have been catching up with maths lessons.  This particular lesson marked the start of the angles unit so we have already done lots of this work. If you want to revise or recap on angles, then I'd suggest that you watch the tutorial and complete the activities. Otherwise, move on to 'Actual Maths Lesson 4 - Problem Solving'.


Actual Maths Lesson 4 - Problem Solving

Lots of maths problems that will make you think!

* Watch the video tutorial all the way through - it shows you lots of strategies for working out answers (number lines, calculations etc);

* Get the Activity;

* Get the Answers.


How did you get on? Share your work with me so I can showcase in the space below: