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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Summer Term: English Unit - Lesson 3 on 29/4/20

Summer Term: English Unit - Lesson 3 Comprehension - 29/4/20

Instructions for 29/4/20

Reading: You should be able to read the WAGOLL text with real confidence by now. Imagine you are modelling how to read out loud - load up a copy of the WAGOLL (on a screen or a printed copy) and using your phone or tablet, have a go at recording yourself. Try to replace the red key vocabulary with a synonym as you read. When you have finished, play your recording back and answer these questions:

1. Did you read fluently without hesitation?

2. Did you look ahead to see how someone might be speaking so you could change your voice?

3. How did you know that you had read the text fluently?

If you can't record yourself reading, just read the WAGOLL out loud and then answer the three questions.



Written Task: Comprehension

Using the WAGOLL text (and any knowledge you have gained about The Dementor's Kiss by watching the video clip from the film yesterday), have a go at choosing ONE of the challenges in the attachments. Here's a rough guide to each challenge but you choose the one that suits you:

Challenge 1: Suitable for Mrs Clark's Big Read group;

Challenge 2: Suitable for Mrs Parry's Big Read group;

Challenge 3: Suitable for Miss B's Big Read group.

YOU CHOOSE - so scroll down and open the ATTACHMENTS BELOW to choose your level of challenge.


* Blue review your work: Open the attachment called 'Answers The Dementor's Kiss Comprehension 1 2 3' and mark your work.


Let me know how you get on with lots of lovely photos of your work.