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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Summer Term: English Unit - 23/4/20 Lesson 4

Summer term English unit: Lesson 4 - 23/4/20 The Perfect Tense Day 4

Instructions for lesson 4 - 23/4/20:

Read the WAGOLL 'The Dementor's Kiss'

Reading task: Can you provide a written summary the main events in The Dementor's Kiss in around 40-50 words?

Written task: 

* Read the extract from the WAGOLL on the attachment;

Underline all the present tense verbs and replace them with the perfect tense.

For example:

    Extract from the text:                 "He feels them watching him, hears their rattling breath..."

    Present tense verbs:                          feels                                   hears

    Replace with perfect tense:       He had felt them watching him, had heard their rattling breath...

* Rewrite the whole extract to show your understanding of the perfect tense.

* Extra challenge: Go on, have a go...!

* Answers: Open the 'Answers' attachment and mark your work. Blue review where you can.

Let me know how you got on!

Email Banyan class pages with photographs of your work.


I love L's work. With feedback, she has been able to blue review day 4's perfect tense work successfully. Thank you L and very well done!