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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Summer Term: English Unit - 22/4/20

Summer term English unit: Lesson 3 - 22/4/20

Instructions for 22/4/20:

* Read the WAGOLL 'The Dementor's Kiss' (reference: extract taken from The Prisoner of Azkahban by J K Rowling)

Your task whilst reading out loud:  Focus on reading fluency - where a character speaks, experiment with changing your voice. Look at the reporting clauses to find out the manner in which a character is saying something.

* Written task: The Perfect Tense Day 3 - Draw or print out the table, become familiar with the vocabulary

   - the infinitive (in other words, the verb - to be, to have, to eat, to jump, to sing etc)

   - the affirmative past perfect tense (in other words, when you use an auxiliary verb and past participle - had been, had eaten, had visited etc)

   - the negative past perfect tense (in other words, when you use 'not' between the auxiliary verb and past participle - had not been, had not eaten, had not visited etc)


EVERYONE  must complete the table. You decide whether you want to complete the EXTRA CHALLENGE.

* Answers: Open the 'Answers' attachment and mark your work. Blue review if you can.

Let me know how you got on!

Here's L's work from 22/4/20. Well done L - you have accurately conjugated the past negative and past affirmative!