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Dunkirk Primary School

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Week 1 Viewpoints - If I were Boris Johnson...

Week 1 Home Learning: Themed Projects by Banyan Class

Keep smiling Banyanas

Here is our writing challenge for week 1 (23rd March to 27th March 2020) of home learning.

Miss asked the children to write a letter to the nation, as if they were Boris Johnson.

'What would you do if you were in charge of the country in this current crisis?'

Have a read, these letters are fab!

Miss B / Mr B

An informative viewpoint about the current crisis from Banyan's very own Professor:

March 2020

To whom it may concern in the government,

I am writing this letter to inform you about my concerns and solutions to the recent epidemic that is Covid-19 or Coronavirus.

Some of the points that I will be discussing includes:

  • Isolation
  • Panic-buying
  • Physical distancing

    My first point revolves around isolation, while isolation is essential to prevent the coronavirus from spreading, humans are fundamentally social beings, which means individuals cannot live alone and need social interaction to survive. The dilemma with isolation is that human interaction will be exponentially diminished, which in turn will result in an extremely increased level of stress, problems processing information, etc. A solution to this is to provide people in isolation a way to contact other individuals.

    My second point revolves around panic-buying, an activity that is commonly practiced around the world when the coronavirus impacts their country, this action is very damaging to society, because if people panic-buys, other people that need supplies can't obtain the groceries they lacked. So, people must be discouraged from panic-buying.

    My third point revolves around physical distancing - this is an alternative to isolation for people that just can't stand being alone indoors. This is vital because, with physical distancing, people with the coronavirus will not pass on the virus to other people.

    In conclusion, to prevent the coronavirus to spread and kill, we have to make drastic changes to our system - however annoying that is (I am annoyed) - it's a necessary change.

A's viewpoints letter - YOU GO FOR IT A (don't ask about soup and water!). Read and learn:


Spring 2020

Dear Prime Minister- RT HON Boris Johnson,

Ideas for the Coronavirus

I am writing to let you know my thoughts and responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. As you said yourself, many older members of our community we hold dear will die; therefore ensuring that actions MUST be taken to avoid the fatalities of these vulnerable people.

Moreover, I will convey some advice to help strengthen our country’s chance in its time of need. Incidentally, I am no scientist, but I hope my suggestions may still prove useful in some way.

Shown below, is a list of four points- some of which are already in practice:

Social distancing;

Thoroughly wash hands;

Do NOT purchase N95 face masks;

Do NOT panic-buy.

My first discussion point revolves around social distancing. If you do not already know, social distancing is when two or more people stand at least two metres away from each other. Social distancing (as awkward as it may seem) is vital, due to the fact that if one person has coronavirus, the other(s) will not catch it.

Next, I am going to lecture you on thoroughly washing hands. Even if you are already doing this, which you should be, now is the time more than ever to wash your hands properly; which involves singing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice, and using soap and water to eliminate the bacteria.

Thirdly, I will talk about not buying the N95 face masks.

Although these are the most protective face masks we have at the moment, they are in very short supply and in high demand. Don’t you think it right to encourage the nation to leave these face masks for the brave doctors and nurses who are risking their lives for the good of England? In addition, in treating others, the devoted doctors and nurses have a high risk of catching the coronavirus. Plus, these face masks block out 96% of the coronavirus’ effects.

Finally, it must be hell for the people who supply the shops with their food, as everywhere you look, there are empty shelves. This is NOT normal. People panic-buying leads to more people seeing the lack of sufficient supplies, which, in turn, leads to more people panic-buying. I would encourage people to stop and think calmly and rationally, before explaining the damaging effects panic-buying will have on the citizens of the UK.

In conclusion, I hope you take heed of this letter and the points contained within. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,








Miss B's feedback: I love how these letters show many of the key features of the viewpoint letters we have been studying in class, prior to home learning; for example,

conjunctions to order / bullet points to summarise / opinion language 'I believe that...', 'I think that...' /

definite viewpoints from one point of view only / varied clause punctuation ; ( ) ' -

Keep your viewpoint letters coming in.

There is plenty of space to publish your wonderful efforts.