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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Banyan's Class Blog March and April 2020


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Blog page: 'Welcome to our class blog'

This blog page showcases Banyan's wonderful work completed during home learning.

SCROLL DOWN and click on the each blog entry to revel in wonder, awe and commitment of our crazy Banyanas!

Miss B / Mr B



Hi everyone!

UPDATE: I have sent all the key worker posters published on our pages to Mrs Hollis. I know we can't go outside to view them but be proud of the fact that your posters will be displayed around the QMC, Lenton and Dunkirk and will be a source of inspiration for many.

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Miss B : ) and Mr B ; )

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  • Banyan's Pop Art Challenge from Mrs Wise

    Published 30/03/20, by Dani Barrett

    Pop Art - In the style of Andy Warhol

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  • Week 1 Viewpoints - If I were Boris Johnson...

    Published 30/03/20, by Dani Barrett

    Week 1 Home Learning: Themed Projects by Banyan Class

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  • Key Workers - The True Heroes

    Published 28/03/20, by Dani Barrett

    Mrs Hollis challenged Banyan, Larch and Cypress to design a poster that conveyed who the key workers are - key workers = OUR HEROES!

    Thank you so much, you lovely, courageous people, from the bottom of our hearts.

    Miss B, Mr B and Banyan class pupils

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  • Banyan's Independent Research Topics

    Published 28/03/20, by Dani Barrett

    Banyan's afternoon challenge for week 1 was to research a theme/subject/topic area that was of personal interest. Themes included: Saving our planet; Indonesia for Dummies; Norway; Sri Lanka and Africa.

    Watch this space - there will be more projects added over the next few weeks.

    Miss B / Mr B

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  • Rainbows - A source of hope and inspiration

    Published 28/03/20, by Dani Barrett

    Banyan class have been busy brightening up their windows with the most beautiful and poignant rainbow designs.

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  • Dodge Ball Tournament

    Published 24/01/20, by Russ Gough

    Banyan Class dodge ball team takes trophy (if there was one!) 

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  • Space Station Holiday Advert.

    Published 10/01/20, by Russ Gough

    Travel into space with our Space holiday offer.

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  • Election 2019

    Published 11/12/19, by Russ Gough

    We have been studying the election manifestos of the five main parties.

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  • Our Christmas Performance

    Published 10/12/19, by Russ Gough

    We have just finished our Christmas performance.

    We were fab...even if we do say it ourselves!



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  • Remembrance Poppies

    Published 22/11/19, by Russ Gough

    Banyan Class created and sold poppies for Remembrance Sunday.

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