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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Trip, trap, trip, trap, trip, trap.... who's that crossing over my bridge?!


For the next few weeks, Fig will be looking at the book 'Three Billy Goats Gruff'. We will be learning a simplified version using our Talk4Writing story map.


We follow our map of pictures to help us remember what comes next in the story. We learn a little section of the map each day until we can say it all the way through. Each picture is a different action to help us act out the story... it is great fun! By learning the story this way, we learn new and exciting vocabulary, we grow in confidence with our speaking and listening, and we learn how stories are structured. 


Alongside this input, we set out activities around the classroom to reflect the theme. We have  puppet making and masks in our making area, bridge building in our block area, brick printing in our painting area, green play dough so we can try and make the long tasty grass for the goats to eat... the list is endless. The children love making links from their activities to the book.  Over all, we are having GREAT FUN!