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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Spring Term

Run! It's the Vikings!

e children have been discovering about the Scandinavian pirates who raided, and finally settled in Britain. We looked at the reasons they decided to sail across the sea and what factors meant they were successful in achieving near control of the British Isles.

We had fun acting out major battles and to my surprise, the children became fully engrossed in the Viking game of Tafl - not bad for something that is over a thousand years old! Time to unplug the Playstation and enjoys games that the Vikings use to play! 

The Viking invaders cross the sea in a longboat.
The Anglo-Saxon army march to meet them.
A terrifying giant Viking blocks the bridge.
The Anglo-Saxons eventually overpower him and rush the bridge to become victorious!
Tafl becomes a big hit with rowan class.
Working out new strategies to win!