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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Home learning - 2.4.20

Hi everyone, 


Here is the work for today. 


Maths -Today we are looking at 3 sheets from your maths pack.


The first 2 sheets are about ‘Non- standards units of measure 2. They ask you to find out how long an object is using non standard units of measure e.g. cubes. 

Top questions- 

Where does the first cube/ step start? Why is that important?

How many more would it take to go to …?

Which is longer/ shorter? How do you know?


The third sheet uses a ruler to measure the length of objects in cm (centimetres). 

Top questions- 

Where does the object start on the ruler? (0cm)

Why is that important to start at 0cm each time?

When I have placed the object against 0cm, where do I look to see how long the object is? 



  1. If you have cubes/lego in your house, use these to measure the length of different objects in your house. Make sure that the first piece starts at the very end of the object and you count how many it takes to get to the end.. 
  2. If you have a ruler in your house (you can also print them off the internet), have a go at measuring objects in your house using cm. Again, make sure that your object starts at 0cm and you read along to find the measurement. 





Today I would like you to choose one of your favourite books. If you don’t have any at home, look online and you can sign up to different websites to read e-books. Once you have chosen one, I would like you to read through that book together. Talk about what happens as you go through. 

I would like you to draw a story map today which shows what happens at the important parts of the story. (choose between 6-8 parts). Draw pictures to help you remember each part of the story and use arrows to show the order that they happen in. These pictures could be simple symbols as long as they help you remember what happens.  


Tomorrow we will write this up! You just need to draw the story map today. 


-High frequency words-  Practice reading and writing the next 10 high frequency words e.g about, got, their, people, your, put, could, house, old, too. Think of some sentences to put these words into. 


-Try out some phonics games and explore Letter Join. 





-Read the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ together. 

-Tune in to our school YouTube channel ‘Dunkirk Primary School’ at 3 to see Miss Holly read the KS1 story today. 

-Read some books from home. 

We also have been lucky enough to get an online subscription for a programme called ‘Nessy’.  Nessy is an online programme which is designed to help children of all abilities learn to read, write, spell and type.  If you would like a password for this programme, I do require parental permission so please look on the school gateway app. Once you have given consent, your child’s account will be unlocked. J


Hope you all have a wonderful day.


Miss Butler 

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