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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Home learning - 1.4.20

Good Morning, 


Hope you are all having a good week so far. Here is the work for the day. 


Maths – Comparing lengths and heights sheet (3 sheets)


Today you will first need to talk about what these key words mean ‘taller’, ‘shorter’’ and ‘longer’. You may want to do this by comparing some of the objects in your home. For example ‘which is longer, the bag or the rug?’ ‘which is taller the sofa or the door?. 

-You may also want to discuss what ‘tallest’, ‘shortest’ or ‘longest’ means when you compare more than 2 objects.  

-Top tip 1= we use taller when we are describing the height of something (how tall) and we use longer when we are describing the length of something (how long). We can use shorter for both! 

-You may need to remind your child that when we are measuring we need to make sure that we start at the same point. The bottom of each object needs to be lined up carefully and need to start at the same place otherwise we wont be accurate. 

-When you finish the sheets you may want to play a game called ‘Can you find..’. See below for ideas.

-Play this interactive game -



Can you find something longer than your finger?

Can you find something shorter than a fork?

Can you find something taller than a chair?

Can you find something longer than a pencil?

Can you find something shorter than a picture?

Can you find something taller than a doll?

Can you find something longer than a piece of lego?

Can you find something shorter than you?

Can you find something taller than a table?

Can you find something longer than a leaf?

Can you find something shorter than your door?

Can you find something taller than you! 




-Today we are thinking about the ending of the story of ‘Hansel and Gretel’. Please look in your pack for the ending ..sheet which includes pictures of the end of this story only. 

-Read the end  of the story (I have written it in red) together using the pictures to follow the story and to help you remember each sentence.  

-Think of some actions to alongside each picture. 

- Can you retell this part of the story together? Use your actions and pictures to help! 

Once you are confident with retelling the sentences aloud, write the end of the story on the lines underneath.

Don’t forget your capital letters and full stops.


-High frequency words-  Practice reading and writing the next 10 high frequency words e.g  children, him, Mr, off, asked, get, just, now, came, oh. Think of some sentences to put these words into. 


-Try out some phonics games and explore Letter Join. 




-Read the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ together. Turn over and see if you can answer any of the questions together. 

-Tune in to our school YouTube channel ‘Dunkirk Primary School’ at 3 to see Mr Cook  read the KS1 story today. 

-Read some books from home. 


Have a lovely day and don’t forget to tune into YouTube to do a PE session with Pete Wicks at 9. 


Take care, 


Miss Butler 

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