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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Home Learning 31/3/20

Hello everyone, 


It looks like it may be a sunnier day today. It has been great receiving lots of emails and pictures showing how you are all learning at home.  


Please see today’s work below.




-Review the names of some common 2d shapes e.g. square, rectangle, circle, triangle, pentagon, hexagon and octagon. Can you recognise and name them all? 

-Today we are working on the repeating patterns sheet. This is in your pack. Look at the pattern together, what order do the shapes go in? Say it out aloud as this will help you. Can you continue the patterns in the correct order? 

-Challenge – (look at the sheet attached) can you repeat the same pattern but this time think about the shapes and the colour?

-Create your own repeating patterns choosing your own shapes and different colours e.g. blue triangle, red square, yellow pentagon, blue triangle, red square, yellow pentagon etc   draw them out into a pattern. 


-Log onto Numbots using the password inside your pack. Your password has been glued to one of the pages in your pack. 




-Today we are thinking about the middle of the story of ‘Hansel and Gretel’. Please look in your pack for the middle ..sheet which includes pictures of the middle of this story only. 

-Read the middle  of the story (I have written it in red) together using the pictures to follow the story and to help you remember each sentence.  

-Think of some actions to alongside each picture. 

- Can you retell this part of the story together? Use your actions and pictures to help! 

Once you are confident with retelling the sentences aloud, write the middle of the story on the lines underneath.

Don’t forget your capital letters and full stops.


-High frequency words-  Practice reading and writing the next 10 high frequency words e.g  see, looked, very, look, don’t, come, will, into, back, from. Think of some sentences to put these words into. 


-Try out some phonics games and explore Letter Join. 





-Read the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ together. Talk about the story e.g. can you retell what happened, who were the characters, can you sequence the story? (don’t answer the questions on the back just yet!)   

-Tune in to our school YouTube channel ‘Dunkirk Primary School’ at 3 to see me read the KS1 story today. 

-Read some books from home. 


Have a wonderful day of learning and enjoy spending time with your family at home. 

Speak to you soon, 


Miss Butler 

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