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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Home Learning - 23/3/20



Use the 100 grid square in your pack.

-Give your child a number – Can they find it? Can they write it correctly?

-Count forwards from any given number.  

-Count backwards from any given number. 

-Give a sequence of numbers. What number is missing? E.g. 13, 14, ____ 16. 

56, 55, 54 _____ 52, 51

-Give your child a number. Can they say what is one more (+1)? Can they say what is one less (-1).

-Challenge – Can you find 2 more (+2) or 2 less (-1) than a given number?  




Use the ‘Full Stops and Capital Letters’ sheet in your pack.

-Can you re-write each sentence with a capital letter in the correct place (at the start of each sentence and for a name). Can you remember to put a full stop at the end of each sentence?

- Practice reading and writing the first 10 high frequency words e.g. the, and, a, to, said, in, he, I, of, it 

-Try out some phonics games and explore Letter Join.



Enjoy the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. This can be found in your pack. 

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