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Dunkirk Primary School

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  • Making our own Stone-age paint!

    Published 31/01/23, by Nichola Bowen

      This term we are learning about history and time and part of our focus is on the Stone-age period and how the Stone-age people may have lived their lives. 

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  • Autumn Artists!

    Published 31/01/23, by Nichola Bowen

     Art and creative work produced throughout the Autumn term. Some of the inspiration came from looking   at the work produced by artist Andy Goldsworthy. 

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  • Tennis stars!

    Published 25/01/23, by Nichola Bowen

    In September a visiting coach from the Nottingham Tennis centre came to teach us some specific tennis skills. Just look at the size of the tennis rachet he brought with him! It was such great fun and it got our hearts pumping, all at the same time.


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  • Walking around Lenton

    Published 25/01/23, by Nichola Bowen

    Olive Class went for an exciting walk around Lenton.

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  • Green Fingers!

    Published 28/05/21, by Catherine Hopper

    In Olive Class the children have been busy getting their fingers dirty and planting a variety of things for our Year 1 allotment. They have grown sunflowers from seed to see the change from beginning to end and have planted some seedlings, including runner beans, tomatoes, strawberries and a variety of herbs. We've been learning all about the different features of a plant and talking about what they need to help them grow and how we can care for them. We are looking forward to seeing our plants grow!

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  • Christmas Week

    Published 14/12/20, by Kate Butler

    We have done lots of fun things to get ready for our Christmas performance.

    We made stars and animals to hang in and around the stable.



    We made Christmas tree and star hats to wear during our singing performance and we were really lucky as Mr Mark made us a stable and a manger. Thank you Mr Mark! 


    We really liked learning the Christmas Story and making peg dolls to help us retell the story. We put these in our Christmas performance alongside small clips of each of us retelling the Christmas Story. 



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  • Instructions

    Published 14/12/20, by Kate Butler

    This half term we have also looked at instructions.

    We had a visit from our old friend 'Moon Rabbit' who told us that he was bored of eating carrot cake. He wanted the children to tell him how to make toast as he could often smell it during Breakfast Club. 

    We started off by ordering a set of instructions to make sure that we were making the toast in the correct order. We talked about why it is important to make sure that instructions are in the correct order. 



    We enjoyed retelling the instructions over and over again using the pictures to help us.

    We worked on our own, in partners and in small groups to tell each other the instructions. 

    Here is the map we used to help us! Once we were confident we start to make changes to our map to make it our own!

    For own independent write, we wrote out a set of instructions on how to make rice crispy cakes. We really liked thinking about what topping we would put on the top! Hmmm marshmellows, chocolate chips or some fruit ...

    Some children even went home and made their own rice crispy cakes. They looked delicious :) 



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  • Animal Factfiles

    Published 14/12/20, by Kate Butler

    This half term we have been exploring animal fact files. 

    We started off by learning our new map and and thinking of fun actions to go alongside.  We then drew our own maps using the same pictures to help us remember all of the facts about rabbits.

    Can you remember all the facts? Use the map to help you!

    We then spent time changing parts of the map to make it our own. Where there is a blank box we put our own ideas in and then wrote sentences to match!

    We had some lovely ideas and the children loved describing what rabbits look like!

    For our final independent piece of writing we wrote an animal fact file about an animal of our choice. We used the same headings to help us set out our ideas. 

    We had some wonderful fact files ranging from ants to crocodiles and the children enjoyed finding out information all about their animal!



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  • Journeys

    Published 14/10/20, by Kate Butler

    We have set up our classroom environment with links to our theme of journeys. 

    We have lots of books in our classroom about journeys. We also have pictures from our Moon Rabbit story that we like to use to help us sequence the story. 


    We have transport in our small world and water areas! 

     We really enjoy drawing our own maps when exploring the environment. Here is Moon Rabbit's journey :) 

    Please see above a couple of our wonderful maps which show journeys from home to school.



    We have also drawn maps of Dunkirk Primary School. I wonder if you can recognise any parts of our school?


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  • Simple Narrative

    Published 14/10/20, by Kate Butler

    In Year 1 we have been reading and retelling the story of 'Moon Rabbit'.

    We were really excited when Moon Rabbit came to Olive Class and left us a special letter. We weren't sure how she got to Dunkirk but she was sitting on Miss Butler's desk one day! 

    We read the letter and found out that Moon Rabbit had been on a special journey to Dunkirk Primary School as she knew we had been reading her book. 


    We asked her lots of questions. Here are a few...

    -How did you get here?

    -Do you miss Brown Rabbit?

    -What is your favourite thing to eat at the 'Carrot Cafe'?

    -Do you like it at our school?

    -Were you happy when you went home?


    We looked at the story map and created actions to go alongside.

    We began by retelling the story a sentence at a time as a whole class but soon moved onto retelling each other in small groups. We really enjoyed practising the sentences and when we were confident, we performed it. 

    You may want to have a go at retelling the story to someone at home :) 

    We then had a go at drawing our own maps (exactly the same) and then writing out the story.

    Here is an example of part of a story map!

    We have spent the last couple of weeks changing parts of the story and making up our own. The stories have been brilliant to read and share as a class. 

    Can you remember the animals in your story and what they did?






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