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Welcome to the Dunkirk Primary School Geography page! Here at Dunkirk we LOVE all things Geographical! We are committed to ensuring that our pupils receive a broad and balanced curriculum, ensuring that they know more and remember more. Pupils will become skilled in the areas of Locational Knowledge, Place Knowledge, Human and Physical process and Geographical Skills. 

Take a look at our intent:

As pupils progress through school, the curriculum becomes increasingly demanding ensuring that pupils leave Dunkirk with a broad and deep understanding of geographical knowledge. 

Here is an overview of the Geography skills progression at Dunkirk Primary School. Our Geography subject lead has also created a long-term plan which explicitly informs teachers what they should teach when and what a child should know by the end of that year. The long-term plan can be viewed by clicking on this link. As part of our ongoing mission to ensure that all of our teachers are experts in the subjects that they teach, our Geography subject leader plans medium-term plans with the class teacher, ensuring their knowledge and expertise is shared with each year group. This ensures that all of our planning aligns with the long-term plan and ensures brilliant CPD for our teachers.

An example of a medium term plan can be seen here, with access to the full document by clicking on this link:

What our pupils think about their Geography education





Take a look at some of our Geography in practise: