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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Community Cohesion & Equality

The school aims to:

  • be an inclusive school which provides a welcoming atmosphere for children and adults, where every child is valued and where everyone can experience and make positive relationships
  • offer all pupils an understanding of what prejudice means and how it occurs and enable them to challenge and deal effectively with all forms of discrimination
  • enable all children to achieve the highest standards of attainment and progress within the school's ethos of a total commitment to the practice and principles of equal opportunities

Each year Dunkirk Primary School reviews its provision for promoting equality of opportunity.

This year's review has shown that Dunkirk’s provision is very good and all people from the protected groups mentioned in the Equality Act 2010 have their needs met very well. Each year we will highlight certain areas that can be developed even further.

This year one focus will be on boy’s achievement. This has been identified through our tracking system. Another focus will be on promoting better relationships between people within the parent/adult community who have different religions or beliefs. This has been identified through observation and discussion with different members of the community.

Current Equality Objectives:

  • To ensure that the majority of boys make equivalent progress to the girls. All boys should make 2-sub level progress by the end of the year.
  • To improve better understanding and awareness between parents who have different religions and beliefs within the school community.
  • An Equalities Working Party will meet regularly through the year to find ways of implementing the objectives.