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Dunkirk is celebrated for our Maths provision in an international project review.

Dunkirk Primary School started a project with, Rastaala, our partner school in Finland, to developing our teaching of Maths for all. The success of the project has been recognised by Erasmus+ who commented on the notable successes of the project stating that the staff involved deserve great credit for their efforts!

Key messages from Erasmus+ include:

Maths for All has a robust design and has been managed very well by the Dunkirk School team.

It is a highly collaborative project and demonstrates just how much can be achieved between two professional and dedicated teams of teachers.

The short and longer term success of the project are clear to see - the project was chosen because it was directly relevant to the current and future needs and development priorities of each school. All results and activities are expected to continue beyond the project’s end. The project has brought about long-lasting, high-quality improvements to the teaching of Maths in each school and this has been reflected in an updated maths policy.

However, the biggest achievement is that the learning from this project has become so ingrained in whole school practise, that it is used in all subjects, not just mathematics. The wider impact of this means that children know more and remember more across every subject, they are growing in confidence and ability and as a result, internal data is showing impact across every subject.


We are thrilled that our hard work and dedication to improving Maths has been recognised and celebrated!