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Clay tiles adorn entrance to Abbey Campus

We are really proud of the clay tiles fixed onto one of the walls at the main entrance to Abbey Campus.   All children at Abbey worked with Miss Claire over many weeks before the summer holidays to create the tiles and it was wonderful that so many parents took part too.

The clay tiles had to slowly dry and then went off to be fired in a kiln before coming back to Abbey in the autumn term.  Miss Claire has been busy fixing the tiles onto the outside wall - and the children and adults were really excited to see how their tiles looked after they'd been fired. 

Miss Claire works with clay a lot (it was a big part of her art degree many years ago) and it's used throughout school and in Discovery Garden sessions all the time; but to get the children's work fired in a kiln was really special and we're delighted to be able to display their ideas in this way.

The children and adults really experimented with the clay and have become huge experts at the many ways clay can be used.  They eagerly learnt to roll and cut their own tiles - and they were so inventive with different ways of decorating them.   The Friends of Dunkirk Group at Abbey were a huge part of the whole project and their enthusiasm was really infectious.   We think the tiles really reflect the process that went into their creation - you can really see how everyone has explored and experimented and used many different ideas.

A HUGE thanks to everyone who has been involved - we really hope you will enjoy looking at the tiles and spotting all the different things hidden within them!

Here's a link to Miss Claire's website page where she explains more about working with clay.